Sunday, September 9, 2012

Microchips To Replace Humans In Drug Testing


There have been debates about testing drugs on animals or any other living creature. Well, here comes a solution that will put the problem to an end. Scientists from Havard University and Defence Advanced Researh Projects Agency (DARPA) of USA have developed a microchip that can now be used for such tests. 

This microchip is small translucent device, which can be used as a human organ for testing drugs.

According to reports, this single device can bring together ten organchips in order to enable study of the effect of a particular drug on the whole body.Every organ on this microchip is made using clear flexible polymer. It also consists of hollow microfluid channels that are lined by living human cells. It is these human cells that allow scientists to study the impact of any drug on human organs. Since the device is translucent, it allows researchers to easily view the response of the organs to a drug.

Harvard University has successfully designed microchips that mimic lung, heart and intestine.

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