Sunday, December 23, 2012

Device That Can Convert Images Into Music

The Eye-music - a device that converts images into music. The Pleasant musical tones ans scales produced to help individuals without vision 'see' using music.

Eye music SSD,showing a user with a camera mounted on the
glasses, and headphones, hearing musical notes that create a mental
image of visual scene in front of him. 

Once an image is scanned, it represents pixels at high vertical location as pitched musical notes and low-vertical location as low pitched notes. The image is scanned continuously from left to right, and an auditory cue is used to mark the start of the scan. The horizontal location of the pixel is indicated by the timing of the musical notes relative to te cue and brightness is encoded by the loudness of the sound.

"Eye Music" which employs pleasant musical scales to convey visual information, can be used after a short training period to guide the movements visually.

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