Sunday, December 23, 2012

Technology That Turns Paper Into Digital Display

At University of Tokyo, the Naemura Group is developing  a paper computing technology that lets users draw,edit and erase sketches on the paper by using computer. Here's how it works. The pen is filled with a thermo-sensitive ink, which disappears when heated at certain temperature. If you want to erase or edit your work, the computer uses a super-precise laser to heat the specific areas of your drawing that you get rid of.

The paper is coated in a light sensitive photochromic solution, which makes it change colour when exposed to UV light. Above the workstation, a UV projector can draw on the paper using targeted rays.

According to engineers, this technology can directly turn a paper into display. Until now, it has been possible to project things onto paper and use it as a screen, or import things drawn on the paper to a PC by using a digital pen. But the first method uses a light, so he results can be seen only in the dark. With the second method, even if you can import things, you can't access them on the paper from computer.

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