Friday, October 5, 2012

Electronic Skin Will Soon Make Robots Feel


Scientists in South Korea, introduced the concept of  hairy electronic skin that can detect faint vibrations. The touch sensor is made by thousands of polymer nano hair woven together akin to the interlinked cellular structure in humans. These 50 nm wide hairs have the ability to show movement on application of the external force. Hence, any external activity such as mild air pressure or a faint heart beat leads to twists and turns in the nano hair resulting in their contact with each other. The contact generates electric current which is identified as a specific change in pressure, shear or torsion by the sensor. The result of the sense can be displayed on a monitor in real time.

This so developed electronic skin would soon add life to robots. These robots will have senses powerful enough to detect a slight touch, mild heart beat and every other physical change that is mild to be felt by humans.

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