Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charge Your Devices With Knee Movements


Who needs chargers when human body can charge the device ? Confused ? Well, researchers at the Cranfield University and University of Liverpool of Salford have devised an innovative way to generate power to fuel small gadgets. This device is known as Pizzicato knee-joint energy harvester .
 This is the circular device that fits onto the outside of the knee and consists of an outer ring fitted with 72 plectra and a central hub with four protruding arms.

Every time your knee bends, the outer ring rotates, causing the plectra to pluck the arms. This makes the arm vibrate like a guitar ring, generating electrical energy. This electrical can be used to charge the devices.

According to the researchers, the device can currently harvest around 2 milliwatts of power but could exceed 30 milliwatts with a few improvements. This could enable a new generation of GPS tracking, more advanced signal processing, and more frequent and longer wireless transmission. The device could particularly useful for soldiers who currently have to carry up to 10kg of power equipment when on foot patrol.

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