Monday, September 10, 2012

Gigapixel Camera


What is the highest resolution  that avid photographers have ever dreamt of ? A resolution that would highlight the smallest detail in the picture like a sky shot that capture a man walking way beneath, or a tear drop waiting to hit the ground !

Gigapixel camera by Duke University
Researchers at Duke University are developing wide-field, video-rate, gigapixels camera in small, low cost form factors. They are using multiscale designs that combine a mono electric objective lens with the arrays of secondary microcameras. Following the multiscale design methodology, the Field Of View (FOV) is increased by arraying microcameras along the focal surface of the objective. Each microcameras operates independently, offering much more flexibility in image capture, exposure and focus parameters.

Currently a two gigapixel prototype camera has been built. This system is capable of a 120 degree circular FOV with 226 microcameras, 38 microradian FOV for a single pixel,  and an effective f - number of 2.17. Each microcamera operates at 10 fpts at full resolution.

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