Monday, September 17, 2012

Innovative User Interfaces


Design makers are focussing on making user interfaces easy, clean and intuitive. As more and more technology surrounds our life, it should blend with the environment, be less blatant and mingle naturally with users.

It is easier to interact with humans than with machines. The reason is simple, even if the person is at the other end speaks a different language, we will exercise our intelligence to understand what he is trying to say, just as he tries to put his point forth using his body language. So the communication effort is two way. However with the machines you have to communicate in a precise manner that they will understand. One wrong command can send things helter-shelter.

A lot of human machine interaction experts around the world are working on simplifying our interactions with 
Sixth Sense Technology
machines.  It is becoming possible to give instructions verbally to computers and mobile phones, express your instructions as simple gestures, or even make your machine understand what you are thinking. The medium of interface is one of the key trigger for innovation in the area of user-interface, there are other interesting motives as well. These include user-interface that consume and dissipate less energy, are smaller, lighter and less harmful to the environment, use more natural materials and meet the needs of special applications.

There is rising awareness about the importance of user interfaces and many related innovations such as Sixthsense, , LG Magic wand remote control,  Microsoft surface, Prezi, Air Glove, Samsung's smart TV range and Tan Le's EPOC headset.

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