Friday, October 5, 2012

Robotic Arm Controlled By Thoughts


A new robotic arm is the latest in mind controlled gadgets that could transform the lives of paralysed and physically challenged people. The US University developed this technology by making use of a computer connected to a sensor which is fixed inside the human brain.The sensor converts the command from the brain into electrical signals that move the robotic arm.

Cathy, who hasn't been able to move anything below
her neck for 15 years, is drinking coffee with robotic arm
that is wired into her.
In a demonstration of this project, a woman who had been paralysed for ten years was able to feed herself a drink using this arm. The doctors discovered that even ten years after someone  has been paralysed, the part of the brain that deals with movement continues to work. 

This new technology is a real dream for the people who have lost the use of  their limbs. 

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