Monday, December 24, 2012

Future Smart Phones

Future Smart Phones could be as thin as a Credit Card

Scientists are working on a new ultra thin lens that could lead to smartphones as thin as a credit card in the coming years. The new distortion free is said to be so small that more that 1500 would fit across the width of the human hair. In the near future, it is likely t replace lenses in the applications ranging from mobile phones to cameras to fibre-optic communication systems.

Ultra thin lens can lead to smartphones as thin as
credit card
Existing lens are neither thin nor flat enough to remove distortions such as spherical aberration. It is possible to correct these distortions but only through complex solutions such as multiple lens that increases the weight and take up the space.This is the reason that Scientists started working on a new super thin, flat lens to address these issues.

Despite being ultra thin, the new lens features a resolving power that is said to approach the theoretical limits set by the laws of optics. The lens surface is patterned with tiny metallic stripes which bend light differently as one moves away from the centre, causing beam to focus sharply without distorting the images.The current version of lens works at design wavelength, but the scientists say it can be redesigned for se with broadband light.

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